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We are the No.1 authorised reseller and distributor for AIBEAU Skincare products.

Free Sample are given on all orders and Free delivery for order two and above.


#1 Safety Assuranceworld-no-1

Our Products are extremely safe and reliable. It is registered with Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulation 2007; Director of Phamaceutical Services Ministry of Health Malaysia.

#2 Satisfaction Guaranteedblue-guarantee

Our team are efficient and friendly. We straight proceed your orders and provide a good customer services. FREE delivery for order two and above.

#3 Premiere Productscl_premier-shopping-experience-1

AlBEAU Skincare are the exclusive brands




I've been trying lots of skincare products and it's been hard to keep my skin from breakout. Thanks to AlBEAU team, I ran into the beauty salon one day and tried out the products. It's been great experience, the texture is silky smooth and I love it.

( AMY YEO, 45) 

I've been using AlBEAU products since I was teenager, as my mom used to purchase skincare products from them. My skin is in perfectly good condition and I would continue use it. 

( SHERLLY, 23) 

I do not like to use skincare products selling at retail store. As AlBEAU producst is customized and safe, they do not produce large bulk like those retailers out there which might contain chemical substances. I believe in AlBEAU because I've been using it for years.


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